Breaking Down the Different Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors

Breaking Down the Different Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors

A pressure washer makes it easy to clean stained and dirty surfaces. You can use it on driveways, sidewalks, patios, brick siding, vinyl siding and more. It's important to choose the right type of nozzle, however, when using a pressure washer. 

Most pressure washers come with multiple nozzles. The nozzle is an attachment that's used to concentrate and direct the water in a specific direction. Nozzles are typically color-coded. Depending on which pressure washer you purchase, it may come with nearly a half-dozen different nozzles, each of which features a unique color. What do the nozzle colors mean exactly? 


Black indicates low pressure. If you only need a small amount of pressure to clean a given surface, you should use the black nozzle. It will still create a stream of pressurized water. But compared to other nozzles, the black nozzle will use less pressure.


White indicates a 40-degree angle of spray. Pressure washers, of course, spray pressurized water. The angle of their respective spray will vary depending on the nozzle. With the white nozzle, you can expect a 40-degree angle of spray. It's not particularly wide, nor is it narrow. Therefore, the white nozzle is a great all-around choice for most pressure washing applications.


Other nozzle colors use a narrower angle of spray. Green, for instance, indicates a 25-degree angle of spray, which is nearly twice as narrow as its white counterpart. A 25-degree angle of spray will create a concentrated beam of pressurized water that's able to blast through stubborn dirt and debris. If you're struggling to clean a given surface with the black or white nozzle, you should try switching to the green nozzle.


A step up from the green nozzle is the yellow nozzle. Yellow indicates a 15-degree angle of spray. As the stream of water becomes narrower, its pressure will increase. The yellow nozzle delivers a highly narrow and concentrated stream of water, It's so powerful, in fact, that it may strip away paint. As a result, you may want to avoid using the yellow nozzle on painted surfaces.


Some pressure washers come with a red nozzle. The red nozzle delivers the narrowest, most concentrated stream of pressurized water. It can clean even the toughest stains. Because of its highly pressurized stream of water, though, you should use extra caution with the red nozzle to ensure that the stream doesn't come into contact with your body.

Jun 20th 2022

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