First Aid Kits and Stations

First Aid Kits and Stations

Immediate help can save you and your workers from complications. Buy first aid kits today!First Aid Kits: Your Reliable, Primary Emergency Response

Whatever industry you work in, it's useful to have fully stocked first aid kits on hand for emergency situations. There are literally hundreds to choose from, and depending on your profession you'll want to invest in a more intensive array of supplies.

For those who work in accident- and injury-prone jobs but not necessarily in hazardous industries, choosing from US Safety Company's collection of American Red Cross first aid kits is definitely the way to go. These kits also come in a selection of sizes, but each one comes fully equipped for disaster-level scenarios; this isn't your band-aid and Neosporin kind of first aid.

The General Business Workplace First Aid Cabinet is designed to accommodate you in every emergency situation. It has about a dozen types of bandages, from everyday band-aids to fabric bandages to a sling. Small cut or huge gash, you'll be covered by something in this kit. The kit also has a selection of trauma pads and gauze to help further protect wounds. Burn cream and antibiotic ointment, as well as alcohol pads to sanitize the hands, are included in this first aid kit, along with tools like tweezers and scissors to make helping easier.

This incredible kit even includes a guide to first aid, so if you're unsure of what to do, this useful information helps to ensure that you perform the necessary tasks properly, giving your coworker the greatest chance of a full recovery. For the serious manager or business owner, first aid kits are a necessity, not an option.