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Face Shields

Protect your employees against harmful substances and bits to their face with protective face shields. Buy and save up to 35% now!A person or worker’s face is always the most overexposed body part during work hours. Because it is sensitive to high-risk environments, the face needs special protection from harmful elements and stray materials that can cause injury. The risk include: coming in contact with harmful substances such as falling debris, sparks of fire, dust particles, and splashing chemicals which result in disfiguration of the face, respiratory complications and/or eye injuries.

Get All-Day Protection with Face Shields

Safety Company has all the safety products necessary to protect your face while working. We offer face shields developed by manufacturers like Sperian and Uvex Bionic which are of high performance quality and durability. If you already own full-gear face protection, browse through our protective shield replacement visors to keep all your face shield equipment up to date.