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The Michigan branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) has announced more than $250,000 in workplace safety grants for employers in the state with up to 250 employees. Known as the Workplace Improvement to Safety and Health (MIWISH) grant program, it's intended to create a safer environment in which to work.

No state has a perfect safety record for work-related injuries and illnesses, and Michigan is no exception. Each year, tens of thousands of workers are in the state succumb to physical injury, disease or illness while on the job. It's OSHA's responsibility, however, to improve the safety conditions in workplaces, which is why MIOSHA is launching its new grant program. 

According to a press release published on the official Michigan state website, the MIWISH grants are available to employers so that they can purchase safety equipment and training programs for their employees. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the first line of defense against work-related injuries. PPE refers specifically to safety equipment that's designed to protect workers from job-specific hazards. In the construction industry, for example, workers may be required to use PPE like a hard hat, steel-toe boots and a reflective vest. The MIWISH grant program covers PPE such as this while also covering the cost of workplace training programs.

It's important to note that the MIWISH grant program is designed specifically for smaller businesses in the state with no more than 250 employees. If a business has more than 250 employees, it's not eligible for a grant. Furthermore, MIOSHA says that employers must be able to financially match the money awarded by the MIWISH grant If an employer is awarded with a $5,000 MIWISH grant, for example, he or she must match it with their own $5,000.

The general idea is that employers will take a more hands-on approach to workplace safety if they have funding to cover the cost of PPE and training programs. This won't prevent all work-related accidents from occurring, but it may certainly reduce the risk of injury and illness on the job.

"We are encouraging employers to step up workplace safety and health,” MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman said. “With a total of $250,000 available from MIOSHA, we’re pleased to partner with employers who want to expand their safety and health programs.

You can learn more about the MIWISH grant program by clicking here.

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