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The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner. October 31st is Halloween, which means thousands of children -- and some parents -- will head from door-to-door in search of treats. Unfortunately, though, this is also a time of year when a significant number of injuries and fatalities are reported. Statistics show that twice as many children pedestrians are killed on Halloween. By following some simple steps, you can stay safe while enjoying this spooky day.

Wear Reflective Tape

There's nothing wrong with wearing a mask or costume. On the contrary, that's what Halloween is all about. But if your or your child is going to wear something, be sure to also wear reflective tape. Even a small band of reflective tape around your arm can make you more visible to motorists, reducing the risk of an accident.

Walk on Sidewalks 

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but it's still worth mentioning that you should walk on the sidewalks, not in the middle of the road, when trick-or-treating this Halloween. Walking on the sidewalk will reduce your risk of injury.

Bring a Flashlight

Even if you decide to wear reflective tape, you should still bring a flashlight when trick-or-treating this Halloween. Flashlights are helpful for several reasons: they'll allow you to see more easily in the dark of night, and they'll make you more visible to passing motorists.

Bring a Phone

In addition to a flashlight, you should also bring a phone when trick-or-treating. A phone can prove useful if you get lost or simply need assistance.

Avoid Decorative Contact Lenses

Although they look safe and harmless, decorative contact lenses often pose a serious risk to the wearer's health. Hundreds of children have harmed by wearing them due to the chemicals and other additives used in their production. Just to be on the safe side, it's recommended that you avoid wearing any decorative contact lenses this Halloween.

Plan Your Route Beforehand

It's always a good idea to plan your Halloween route beforehand. Decide where you are going, how you'll get there, and for how long you'll be gone. Ideally, your route should be well lit and have an easily accessible sidewalk.

These are just a few tips to stay safe this Halloween.

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