Finger Cots

Finger Cots

Got a minor task that wouldn't require any full gloves for it? Buy finger cots that can be used for medical, electronic, and manufacturing tasks and save up to 35% today!If your work doesn't require you to use any type of glove, finger cots are used as replacement. They're also known as finger frock or finger stall, and are made from a variety of water-tight materials like vinyl, nitrile, latex, and others. Finger cots are normally used in medical and electronics manufacturing.

Uses of Finger Cots

In medicine, they are worn to protect health professionals (doctors, nurses, and other medical staff) from contact with any bodily fluid (blood, sputum, etc) that can potentially spread disease. Procedures such as digital rectal examination and topical medication are a few examples where several finger cots are used by the medical expert. 

In other work place such electronics, finger cots are worn to handle and protect minute parts of semiconductors and watches from skin's natural oils, particles, or any dirt that can be transmitted. Certain varieties of finger cots are also used in handling artworks with utmost care to preserve them. Aside from protecting objects, finger cots can also be used to protect injured finger from any task such as cooking or automobile repairs.

Here at Safety Company, we offer a wide range of finger cots designed for your specific needs. Contact us or ask your safety personnel to learn and get the right set of finger cots for your tasks today!