Coated Gloves

Coated Gloves

Coated Gloves

Hand Protection Safety

Keep your hands protected on any heavy-duty, industrial job with the right pair of coated gloves. Whether you're an auto mechanic, airplane mechanic, or with dangerous metal and plastic materials, coated gloves ensure your hands are protected all the time. Ansell coated work gloves come in sized versions or one-size-fits all styles that provide as much comfort as they do protection. With their smooth flexibility, they allow for easy movements that never get in the way of performing your job right.

Coated Gloves for any Industrial and Heavy-Duty Task

Coated gloves keep chemicals from traveling through glove fabric and coming in contact with skin. They also protect hands from the overexposure of dangerous stray materials, so that your hands are always ready for another day of work. Whether they are rubber coated, nitrile coated, or polyurethane coated, our selection of coated gloves deliver on both safety and durability in the workplace.

Latex Coated gloves are great for a number of tasks including general maintenance, shipping, receiving, assembling, and concrete/brick/lumber handling. This coating withstands extreme temperature and tear resistance. Chemically it resists alcohols and some ketones, but does not endure most hydrocarbon and organic solvents.

Nitrile Foam coated gloves provide excellent resistance to punctures, cuts, snags, abrasions, oils, and fuels. They are a disposable glove made from synthetic rubber. Unlike regular rubber, this substance is 100% synthetic and does not create any form of allergic reaction. This type of glove is particularly meant to save workers from cold weather conditions.

Polyvinyl chloride coated gloves are designed for liquid and slight chemical resistance as well as handling abrasive materials coated with grease and oils. They can be single dipped or double dipped and are also available with a smooth or rough exterior finish.

Polyurethane’s softness, integrated with great puncture and corrosion resistance, make it a most resourceful polymer. It is a very desireable coating for cut resistance gloves because it provides grip and boosts puncture resistance, all without adding bulk or lower touch sensitivity.