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heat-stress-solutions.jpgHeat stress is a condition which occurs when your body can't cool itself and maintains a healthy temperature. Overstaying in hot weather, bushfire or sun exposure; exercising and working either in poorly ventilated rooms or confined areas enhances your risk of heat stress.

Usually, the body cools by sweating, unfortunately when the temperature keeps rising, sweating isn't enough to cool your body. This is why you will need heat stress relief products.

How to Avoid Heat Stress

We have a wide range of heat stress relief products to keep you cool and combat your heat stress. We also have high quality hydration drinks to protect you from being dehydrated at affordable prices.

Buy our rechargeable neck wraps, cooling vests, hard hat shades, high performance dew rag, bandana headbands, hydration packs and other heat stress relief products help you stay safe and focused on the job-site, emergency services, outdoor recreation, motorcycling, athletics and equine.

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