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Chemical Resistant PVC Gloves

Got sensitive skin but need to work on harmful chemicals and substances? Buy chemical-resistant pvc gloves to keep you protected and save up to 35% today!Is your work requires you to handle various harmful chemicals and dangerous tools? A pair of chemical-resistant gloves, such as PVC gloves, can aid you all for any task you have, throughout the day.

What Makes PVC Gloves Chemical-Resistant?

PVC gloves are made by adding an external coating called Polyvinyl chloride to your gloves. This outer layer protects you from chemicals, abrasions, punctures, and cuts from your tools and substances. They are very thin, which makes it easier for those handling tasks that require fingertip sensitivity such as sewing. This type of chemical-resistant glove are commonly used by farmers, construction workers, commercial fishermen, agriculturists, warehouse workers, as well as medical, and chemical industries. There are also other types of pvc gloves that are latex-free, and if you have sensitive skin this is the right type of gloves for you. 

Here at Safety Company, we provide a vast range of chemical-resistant pvc gloves that have certain features and sizes specific for your job. Contact us or ask your local safety personnel to know the right pair and get them today!