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Buy lock and tag and get your work place safe today.

Always Lock out Tag out Your Tools After Work 

Prevention is better than learning to lock and tag your machines the hard way. It's essential to have a set of lockout tagouts ready for your machines, equipment, and other tools at the end of each work day.

Also known as lock and tag, it's a safety procedure that is being used for various industries and laboratories to keep dangerous machines from causing damage by not being shut off prior to operation or maintenance the next day.

To use its lock, the machines are required to be properly shut down and can't be operative, as it locks the device or power source itself. Then, its partnering tag acts as a warning sign for all personnel involved, indicating that it's currently under maintenance or must be shut down for other important cases.

At US Safety Company, we offer a wide range of lockout tagout devices to ensure your workers and the whole facility safe to proceed any activity within it. Buy now and get discounts for your bulk orders.

Note: You may need to consult with your safety head personnel to know the right type of lockout tagout suitable for your needs before ordering today.