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Eye Wash Stations

Get quick relief with easy to use eye wash stations and save up to 35% when you buy today!Easy-to-Use Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Flush your eyes clear of any hazardous materials or substances. An Emergency Eye Wash Station delivers an eye saline solution with unequaled safety, reliability, and value. Integrated delivery modules dispense purified, contaminant-free, and physiologically correct solution from a sealed 24-month cartridge, guaranteeing purity and quality.

Easy access cartridges allow for quick replacements in times of fast action. Upon activation, the dust cover rotates downwards, exposing a clean nozzle and collection basin. The unique nozzle design provides a comfortable “ribbon” of Eyesaline at an ambient temperature with a constant flow rate for a thorough flushing. 

At Safety Company, we have a wide range of emergency eye wash stations for your needs and preferences below. We also provide refills and parts if you already have existing eye wash stations in your area. Buy and save today!