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Nearly every business owner knows how important it is to keep their facility clean, but few realize keeping spill control supplies on hand is equally important. Most regulatory agencies require a company and its facility to have an efficient spill control system. Extensive downtime due to the inability to clean up spills and contamination may occur for lack of these supplies.

Spill Prevention & Sorbent Products

There are also injury risks when a facility doesn't own a proper spill control system. Avoid placing your employees from slips and falls, and the additional expenses associated with these types of accidents. Our spill control products are OSHA compliant, meeting all business safety needs. Three of the most popular spill kits are the General Spill Kits, the Oil Only Kits, and the Hazmat Kits. The type you choose will depend on what liquids you may have to clean up in case of a spill. General kits are made with absorbents to clean up both water based fluids and hydrocarbons. Oil only kits on the other hand are made with white absorbents that repels water and floats on water. They’re used to clean up hydrocarbons only. Hazmat Kits are made with yellow absorbents and they’re used to clean up aggressive fluids such as acids and solvents. Hazmat kits are made to absorb hydrocarbons as well as water based fluids too.

You do not necessarily need spill kits to clean up all of the liquid that is spilled, that is why it is important to know the requirements for your industry and the type of chemicals at hand. Determining if they will be positioned indoors or outdoors is the key to deciphering whether you’ll need bagged or bucket spill kits. (For large volume spills use drum or wheeled cart spill kits.) If you have a non-absorbent drain protector drain covers you can dominate the spill, vacuum most of it and then use the spill kit to clean up the residue.