Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains

Protect bystanders, materials and tools from harmful effects of welding with our durable and affordable welding curtains. Buy and save up to 35% when you order today!Welding is a process of joining two materials through heat. There's a lot of ways to do it; you can weld materials using laser, electric arc, gas flames, friction, among others. While welding is one of the most common and advanced tasks found in construction, electrical, and related industries, the process itself is too dangerous both for the welder and bystanders/colleagues.

Keep Everyone Safe with Welding Curtains

It's not enough that the welder wears all of the required personal safety gear; the surrounding area and people are needed to be protected from the immediate harm that welding may give. You will need a good and durable welding curtain to keep bystanders, your work area, and other important tools and machines, safe from poisonous fumes and high UV exposure levels.

Here at Safety Company, we have a wide range of welding curtains and screening frames to keep them everyone in the area safe during inspections or plant visits. You can opt for curtains or screens that will filter or block unwanted UV rays, fumes, or high heat.

Note: Ask your safety personnel or master welder to know the right welding curtain for your work place or job before buying today.

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