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Bollards Guards & Protectors

Manage traffic in your facilities with our wide range of durable bollard guards and protectors. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!Bollard guards and wall protectors help manage foot and vehicle traffic, and here at Safety Company, we provide you various sizes and colors for your security and facility management. We provide quality temporary bollard guards that are great for those who want to control traffic temporarily by putting a bollard to any area. This way, anyone can see it, then prompts people to move in the said area accordingly.

  • Wall protectors and bollard guards are available in bright colors, for maximum visibility while in the vicinity
  • Bollard guards also come with sleeves or you can buy them in a kit
  • Bollard guard sleeves can be bought individually as well
  • Rack guards are additional protectors to keep your valuable machineries and other large-scale facilities scratch-free

Contact us to know the right bollard post size, sleeves, or wall protector for your needs today!