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Emergency Oxygen

Boost breathing and save lives with emergency oxygen kits and supplies. Buy now and save up to 35% today!Oxygen Tanks & Canned Oxygen Supplies

Our emergency oxygen products are designed to assist at the time of an emergency where natural breathing becomes increasingly difficult.

Onsite oxygen tanks are often overlooked, however these are what could be the defining factor between life and unforeseen catastrophes. Having these products nearby in addition to your first aid kit, at home or in the work place, can help increase the probability of a better outcome during emergencies. Oxygen is vital for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is critical for all standard physiological operations. Insufficient oxygen therapy can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, tissue injury, damage to the vital organs, and ultimately death.

This tank is essential in rescuing non-breathing victims where a nearby hospital is not available. Each tank is durable, lightweight, and portable with each oxygen cylinder containing a 40-minute supply of oxygen ready to use. Featuring a constant reading supply gauge with simple full to empty symbols to always know the oxygen supply on hand. Our Life-O2-LSS StartSystem Emergency Oxygen Units have cylinder oxygen supply that's refillable, replaceable, and easy to dispose. Emergency oxygen can be used for many breathing and cardiac emergencies. It can help enhance how efficiently oxygen attains the cells, while it also assists in pain reduction and breathing difficulties.

Safety Company offers CPR masks, several emergency oxygen units as well as their respective spare cylinders – all of which are constructed from easy to care aluminum. Our masks contain a one-way valve and filter that provides hygienic protection, and supplies a large airway opening that prevents backpressure. They provide a powerful seal and barrier for executing mouth-to-mask resuscitation to a non-breathing victim, terminating first-hand contact and infection.

Buy them now and help save your family and loved ones' lives during any unexpected emergencies today.