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Cool Safety Glasses

Get to work in style with our wide range of cool safety glasses for men and women. Buy now and save up to 35% today!Safety glasses are arguably the most commonly worn piece of personal protective equipment, across all industries. It seems like no matter what you're doing, be it using a nail gun or sanding, you should be wearing safety glasses.

But if your employer does provide this crucial eyewear, they usually aren't going for style. Remember the glasses you had to wear in science class in middle school? Or the sunglass-shields that seniors wear? That's about the level we're talking in terms of appeal.

But, everyone prefers to have cool safety glasses, and now you can get them. Here at Safety Company, we offer a wide range of ANSI-standardized safety glasses that are great even in different styles! We have popular brands such as Kimberly-Clark's Jackson, Harley-Davidson, Uvex, Smith & Weeson, Honeywell, and MCR Safety Glasses.

All of our cool safety glasses are very popular to our clients, as they offer general protection, most comfort, styles to choose from, at a very affordable cost. They also exceed ANSI-standards which makes them great against impacts, radiations, and scratching. If you're working in manufacturing, construction, and medical fields, these are your best options for eye protection. We also offer MCR Tribal Safety glasses that are military-graded, perfect for those working in campbases.