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Safety Vest & Hi-Viz Products

Protect workers with safety and high-visibility vests and save up to 35% today!

High Visibility Clothing and Durable Safety Vests for Construction and other Industries

High visibility clothing and safety vests are worn by individuals in a variety of professions that take place on roadways. Police officers, construction workers and electricians are among those who, at one time or another, will be required to wear safety vests for their own protection. This type of apparel universally features reflective strips and comes in highly noticeable, neon colors.

ANSI 107 vests

Most safety vests fall into the ANSI 107 standard, in one of three classes designated by this regulation. The American National Standards Institute developed the guidelines. Class 1 offers the lowest level of visibility and is intended for workers whose attention is directed at passing traffic traveling at low speed, Read More(+)