High Temperature Cooling Vests

High Temperature Cooling Vests

Keep your self protected from high temperatures. Buy and always wear your cooling vest; save up to 35% today!Keep it Chill All the Time: Wear Your Cooling Vests

Are you always exposed to very-high temperature places to get the work done? Or does your workers experience the same problem? It's time to get chill and buy your very own cooling vests here at Safety Company. These cooling vests are made of special clothing that are designed to lower body temperature and make warm climates or environment more bearable.

We have a wide range of cooling vest types, and each type provide the duration of lowering body temperature. Our sets of cooling vests are very easy to use; some would just need to be soaked for several minutes prior to usage, and others use several cooling packs put inside the vests. The latter type of cooling vests are used for places with much higher temperatures and lasts for several hours upon usage.

Cooling vests are generally recommended for welders, construction workers, chemical personnel, and even for athletes and individuals who have ailments that make them vulnerable to high temperatures.

Note: Always check with your safety personnel the right type of cooling vest before purchasing cooling vests. For those who are suffering certain conditions requiring you to wear cooling vest, consult with your physician or trusted doctor for their medical advice. 

  • Allegro 8300-01 Vortex Cooling/Heating Vest Standard - Vest Only. Shop Now!


    Allegro 8300-01 Vortex Cooling/Heating Vest Standard - Vest Only

    $125.00 - $226.04
    Delivering constant and adjustable cooling and heating through its perforated, inner lining, the Vortex Vest is especially popular for workers in confined spaces as well as foundries, steel mills, asbestos abatement and paint baking operations. The vest...
    $125.00 - $226.04
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