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Safety Dispensers

Keep your safety gear and other portable tools in place with our wide range of durable safety racks and dispensers.Durable Safety Dispensers and Racks

Keep your portable safety equipment in order and ready to use. Here at Safety Company, we offer a wide range of safety racks and dispensers.


  • These racks are great to hold various items such as gloves, booklets, safety glasses, eyewash, ear plugs, and other portable lab items.
  • We offer clear racks, colored and small cabinets to easily access and move safety equipment bulk in one go.
  • Our dispensers offer you storage and easy access to face masks, bouffants, wipes of all types, safety labels, and all other necessities. 
  • We also provide multi-purpose dispenser and racks to hold and store various items in any space of your facility.

Shop now or contact us to know the right type of safety rack or dispenser for your needs today!