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First Aid Eye Care

Prevent itch and further eye infection with our sterile and cost-effective first aid eye care. Buy them now and save up 35% today!Eye injuries involving the invasion of foreign matter or trauma require immediate attention using sterile first aid materials. Eye wash quickly removes foreign matter while reducing stinging and burning caused by smoke, allergens or chlorinated water.

Provide Immediate Comfort to Eyes with First Aid Eye Care Kits

Sterile eye pads cover the eye following an injury to prevent further irritation or infection. Industrial eye drops contain ingredients formulated to soothe dry, itchy eyes irritated by workplace activities such as welding or working with vaporous chemicals.

Depending on the type of eye injury suffered, a number of first aid eye care may be necessary, such as examination vinyl gloves, antimicrobial wipes, disposable towel and hand sanitizer.

Having a fully stocked emergency eye care kit readily available in the event of an eye injury is essential for saving someone's eyes from potentially serious or even permanent damage.