Be alerted with our reliable gas detectors to keep everyone safe.First-class Gas Detectors and other Instrumentations

Is your facility always pose hazardous gases and chemicals for workers? A handy gas detector can help you detect presence of any type of gas in any areas you wish to check. We offer you our wide range of gas detectors to keep the air in the vicinity at non-toxic levels. 


  • Gas detectors can help you notice any gas leak that can hamper processes both to machines and people working inside the facility
  • Aside from gas leaks, you can also detect flammable and toxic gases that can harm people or cause explosions within the vicinity
  • We also have gas detectors that can help you detect oxygen depletion or monitor its levels to keep people from using respirators 
  • Our gas detectors are very durable and can help you detect and monitor multiple gas types such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in one go

Contact us or ask your safety personnel to know the right gas detector for your needs today!

  • Allegro 9804-03 Flow Meter


    Allegro 9804-03 Flow Meter

    Flow Meter 9804 03 Allegro's flow meters are seperate from the pump to allow the user to set the flow for more than one pump with the same meter. Features an expanded scale and includes necessary adapters for use with particular cassettes. Sold Each...
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