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Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes and get the job done fast with our collection of safety glasses for you to choose from. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!Industry-Standard Safety Glasses that Fits Your Specific Needs

Eyes are one of the most important tools of people in order to get any job completed quickly. Whether you're working in construction sites, homes, offices, schools, chemical labs, transportation, and manufacturing industries, it's important to enhance and protect your vision with safety glasses

Also called as protective eye wear, they are required to cover your eyes when there's a high-risk area to look into. They are made and must conform to higher standards (in US, OSHA and ANSI provide these standards) than regular eyeglasses can get. Safety glasses have better impact resistance and created specifically for heavy-duty work such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, pipe fitting, among others. 

Example of safety glasses are: prescription and non-prescription glasses, polycarbonate or plastic glasses, and safety goggles. At Safety Company, we offer a wide range of safety glasses that definitely fits your requirements and preferences; just browse and click any of links below.

Note: If you need to know more about the specific protective eyewear for your work, you may refer to your company's safety personnel for exact details.

For other safety glasses inquiries, ask the local safety experts in your area and ophthalmologists near you.