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Leather Work Gloves

Provide great protection and comfort with our wide range of leather work gloves. Buy and save up to 35% today!There is a never-ending list of leather working glove designs. Whether you’re looking for split cowhide, leather enforced fingertips, leather gloves with gauntlet cuffs, ¾ leather work gloves, full leather gloves, pig skin, premium grain, leather driving gloves, or winterized leather work gloves, there is a glove that fits your specific need.

Uses and Benefits of Leather Gloves

Leather work gloves can be used for a large number of working activities, and save your hands from chaffing, burns, calluses, cuts, blister, weathering and other conditions brought on by harsh work and weather conditions. Preserve your hands so you can continue to work every day of the work week as if it were the first.

Here at Safety Company, we offer a wide range of leather gloves to suit your needs. Contact us or ask your safety personnel to know the right type of leather work gloves you need today!