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Germicidal Cabinets

Kill germs in 5 minutes with our reliable and easy-to-use Germicidal Cabinets for Eyewear. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!Keep Germs Away from Safety Eyewear with Reliable Germicidal Cabinets 

Do you have a team who are using using safety eyewear on a daily basis? It's time we keep their work gears clean and ready to use with our germicidal cabinets. These cabinets are great for those working in various fields such as education and medical industries, as most of the staff need to protect their eyes from harmful chemicals and substances.

  • Each germicidal cabinet are designed to kill germs in just 5 minutes with electronic timer for convenience
  • It has a capacity of at least 20 safety eyewear, depending on the size of each eye wear
  • It's safety feature automatically shuts off the UV ray switch to prevent accidental exposure to it

Contact us to know the right germicidal cabinet for your safety eyewear clean up today!