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Cut Resistant Gloves

Get protected and prevent cut-related injuries with our durable cut-resistant gloves. Buy them today and save up to 35% now!Avoid cuts, scrapes, bruises or other injuries and the expenses related to them. For workers who are hands on, cut-resistant gloves provides you with the confidence to safely handle any sharp objects. Whether the work environment involves moist or dry elements, our cut resistant gloves protect your hands from any imminent dangers. Cut resistant gloves have a strong grip while still providing flexibility, comfort and durability.

Reliable Cut-resistant Hand Protection

At Safety Company, our gloves are developed from various materials, including: latex, padded cotton and nitrile dipped. Most gloves offer a self-adjusting wrist strap to give the wearer wiggle room when moving around. If you are searching for gloves that protect your delicate hands from deep cuts, take a peek at our popular cut resistant gloves.