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At Safety Company we value the importance of taking the necessary measures to act fast during a mishap. Any emergency, big or small, requires a certain level of care to ensure a swift recovery and to avoid any infections from open wounds.

First Responder Aid and Emergency Kits

Because every injury is different from the other, we have assembled first responder aid and emergency kits that are fully-equipped to properly handle any emergency immediately. All kits are individually packaged to include different sets of products like Red Cross gauzes, tools for proper CPR and antibiotics for burns or scratches.

Almost everyone will need to use a first aid kit at some point. Make time to prepare home and travel kits for your family’s or employee’s safety. Falls, bee stings, and allergic reactions are all common accidents that can happen anytime at home, outdoors, or workplace, and that’s when the first aid kit comes in handy.

We offer personal safety emergency packs which include bandages, wipes, backpacks, ointments, among many other vital things needed for survival. These are the perfect kits for any unexpected weather conditions or natural disaster. These personal safety kits have the ability to save lives with all of the items they contain. We also offer School Preparedness kits and life vests for emergency floods and other emergencies while students are away.

Flashlights with built-in FM radios are another neglected safety response item, which can come in very handy in a dark setting. It's impossible to work on a job site without light, yet people who work outdoors may not have access to an electrical plug to set up lighting and communications hardware. Safety Company offers flashlights with built-in FM radios for workers in a variety of industries. These are great to use when recessed and track lighting goes out and emergency lighting is not sufficient, as well as for augmenting disaster updates when phones are not working.