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Portable Eye Wash Stations

Provide immediate relief and first aid with portable eyewash stations. Buy and save up to 35% today!Provide First Aid and Relief with Portable Eyewash Stations

Portable Eyewash Stations are gravity powered units that don’t require costly plumbing and are great for on-the-go emergencies in remote locations. If your work environment isn’t accommodating for plumbing-based eyewash stations, then portable stations are your next best option, providing that extra bit of confidence and safety for your day-to-day routine. Different models provide different volume capacity and rinse-time intervals.

Large fill holes make portable eye washing units reusable for any emergency or general eye rinsing needs. Highly-visible coloring designs make these portable eye washing units easy to locate no matter the circumstances. 

Note: Before you buy any portable eyewash station, make sure to check with your safety personnel in order to get the right one for your needs and environment preferences.