7 Common Causes of Fall-Related Injuries in the Workplace

7 Common Causes of Fall-Related Injuries in the Workplace

Statistics show nearly 20,000 workers sustain a fall-related injury in any given year. Some of these falls occur on the same level, whereas others occur on an elevated surface. Regardless, workers can sustain an injury if they fall. By familiarizing yourself with the seven common causes of fall-related injuries, though, you can create a safer workplace.

#1) Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are a common cause of fall-related injuries. When floors are uneven, workers may inevitably trip while walking on them. Uneven floors are typically angled, and even at a slight angle, they pose a serious fall hazard for workers.

#2) Loose Cords

Loose cords often contribute to fall-related injuries. Many workplaces have electrical cords to which machines, equipment and other devices are connected. If the cords are strewn across a walking path, workers may not see them. In turn, workers may trip and fall over the loose cords.

#3) Wet Floors

Another common cause of fall-related injuries is wet floors. Whether it's from water, oil or other liquids, floors can become wet. If not cleaned in a timely manner, workers may slip and fall while walking on the wet floors.

#4) Insufficient Lighting

You might be surprised to learn that insufficient lighting can cause fall-related injuries. Workers need lighting to see where they are walking. Your workplace probably has some lighting in it. If there's an area with insufficient lighting, though, it may increase the risk of fall-related injuries.

#5) Obstructions

Obstructions can cause workers to fall and injure themselves. Walking paths need to be clear and free of obstructions. If there's an obstruction that's blocking a walking path, workers may trip and fall while attempting to walk over it. Common obstructions in the workplace include boxes, tools and shipping containers.

#6) Rugs

Rugs are a contributing factor for fall-related injuries in the workplace. The problem with rugs is that they tend to bunch up. Assuming a rug is flat on the floor, it shouldn't be a concern. If the rug is bunched up, however, it will create a tripping hazard.

#7) Wrong Footwear

Finally, the wrong footwear can cause fall-related injuries. Many workplaces have naturally slippery floors. With the wrong footwear, workers may fail to create traction with these slippery floors. In cases such as this, non-slip footwear is required to protect against fall-related injuries.

Jan 14th 2021

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