ZEKLER EAR DEFENDER 412RDBH w/ Helmet mount/Bluetooth/FM/Boom Mic/Side tone feature SNR 29dB

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Comfortable earmuffs with built-in FM stereo radio, level-dependent monitoring function and Bluetooth® wireless technology for connection to telephone and for streaming music. Music streaming pauses and the FM radio is lowered for incoming calls; for safety reasons the monitoring function is retained. Good attenuation for low, high and medium frequencies. The hard hat attachment with fork-mounting and the wide sealing cushions give a constant head pressure and comfortable use. The helmet adapter is prepared for mounting the Zekler visor system.

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology for communication with mobile phone, laptop, iPad.
  • Boom microphone with very effective noise suppression for clear communication even in noisy environments.
  • ”Side Tone” function enabling your voice to be heard clearly and to help you speak in a normal conversational level even in very noisy environments.
  • Level-dependent monitoring function is retained for incoming calls for safety reasons.
  • ”Adaptive Volume Control” function automatically adjusts the volume of incoming calls based on the surrounding noise level.
  • FM stereo radio 88 – 108 MHz with volume limiter (82dB(A)).
  • ”Automatic Frequency Control” (AFC) reduces the noise between radio channels when searching, locks and memorizes selected channel even in lower reception areas.
  • Automatic switching between Stereo/Mono for a more stable sound depending on reception conditions.
  • Level-dependent monitoring function Level Dependent System amplifies weaker sound and allows you to hear your surroundings whilst keeping you protected from high impulse sounds.
  • Attenuation: Level 2.
  • 3,5 mm AUX input.
  • Cable with 2 x 3,5 mm stereo plugs included.
  • For hard hat attachment.
  • Helmet adapter prepared for mounting the Zekler visor system.
  • Wide, comfortable and easily replaced sealing cushions.
  • Up to 10m range using Bluetooth® unit.
  • Supplied with 2 x 1,5V AA batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries (HR6 2100 mAh) and battery charger available as accessories. Charges in around 3 hours from wall socket and around 8 hours in USB socket.
  • Operational time up to 23 hours with all functions active.
  • Battery status/energy saving for automatic switch-off if no settings have changed within 6 hours.

Approved for mounting on the following safety helmets: 3M PELTOR: G2000, G3000, SecureFit X5000/ X5500 CASCO: PF 100 AS CENTURION: Concept CERVA: Alpin Worker IRUDEK: Stilo 300V, Ekain JSP: EVO2, EVO3, MK7, Evolite KASK: Superplasma, Plasma, HP PETZL: ST, Vent, Best SCHUBERT: BER80, Electrican 80 SCOTT: Style 300, Style 600, Tuffmaster II HC710/HC715, Tuffmaster II HC 750 SINGING ROCK: Flash Industry, Flash Access, Flash Aero SUNDSTRÖM: SR 570, SR 580 UVEX: Airwing, Pheos, Pheos Alpine OTHER: Balance HD, Balance AC, IRIS 2, Rockman S14, Rockman S16, Rockman S17

Complies with EN 352-1, 352-3, 352-4, 352-6, 352-8 and the EMC-Directive 89/336/EEC.

Attenuation level:

SNR: 29 dB
H: 33 dB
M: 26 dB
L: 19 dB

Freq Hz Mean att. Std. dev. APV
63 17,8 4,2 13,6
125 16,3 4 12,3
250 19,5 3,2 16,3
500 26,9 3,1 23,8
1000 34,3 4 30,3
2000 33,8 2,9 30,9
4000 41,8 3,3 38,5
8000 37,4 3,8 33,6



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