Tractel Suspension Loop

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The post fall suspension loop is a specialized fall arrest rescue accessory designed for use within a post fall situation. Pnmanly designed as a tool to alleviate circulatory restriction created from being under suspension within a fall arrest harness, the suspension loop allows the user to transfer the pressure that the hamess creates upon the femoral artery onto the suspension loop, alleviating pain and discomfort.

The user simply attaches the unit to the lifeline, lanyard or subsystem, adjusts the loop to the correct height and steps up. The suspension loop also offers the ability to work or travel up or down the lifeline to effectively execute a self-rescue. Tal-ring a fall at best can leave a person very shaken and disonented, with
this in mind the suspension loop has been designed with specific colour coding to assist in its use. The suspension loop has a stinup that stays open, is brig htiy distinguishable from other com ponents, and is ready to acoomodate the persons foot.


  • Golour coded stirrup and pull tab for of operation ease
  • Rigid instep within the stirrup for effective foot placement
  • Full range of adjustment for conect high step
  • Integrated storage pouch and attachment loop
  • Extremely compact ar|d lightweight


  • 100-foot ascent/descent system


  • Ideal for use within most fall arrest systems that require considerable amount of time to conduct a rescue.
  • Situations such as working from suspended stages, of masts and towers, bridge decks and tower cranes.


Warning: It is important to practice with the suspension loop prior to needing its use. Rescue methods and emergency practices should be understood and implemented in confidence. Training on a regular basis for height safety and rescue is a must.

Attention:When conducting selfrescue, the most favorable and safest condition a person using fall arrest equipment can find himself or herself in after a fall is when the attachment point of ti1e sub-system is within reach. This means the ideal fall protection system requires a lanyard no greater than 3 ft. (0.9 m) if the user is working with a 6-ft. (1.8 m) lanyard, their ability to self-rescue is eliminated. If this is the case, then a prompt rescue may be seriously jeopardized.

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