Flame Resistant Coverall

Flame Resistant Coverall

The Benchmark 6024FR Insulated Coverall is designed to withstand the initial source of a lightweight combustion such as a flame, spark, fire or other sources of light flare-ups or heated items. The fire resistant coveralls Self-Extinguishing provide the benefit of putting out a flare up that could have been missed when working on welding, grinding or other similar activity.

Flame-Resistant Coveralls for Fire Emergencies

The insulated design features allows for use in cold weather or area situations while still maintaining a comfortable environment for the worker. The covered pockets, snap closures, hi-tem zippers and more offer another depth of protection to ensure that areas are not left open to allow hidden spots for these sparks and other hot sources to hide and smolder into something bigger.

The Benchmark 6024FR Insulated Coveralls are designed with you in mind. If you are working in, around or near items that may ignite or that may become hot enough to start smoldering these are the coveralls you will want protecting you.

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