Stretchers And Wheelchairs

Stretchers And Wheelchairs

Quickly provide mobility support with our durable stretchers and wheelchairs. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!People who are facing disabilities that limit mobility miss out on simple joys of life caused mostly by limits set by their conditions. Quick responses to injuries caused by accidents play a vital role in the medical treatment outcome. We offer the best equipment in stretchers and wheelchairs working with you to providing specialized equipment with the most inexpensive cost.

Durable Mobility Support for Emergencies

We offer a broad range of basket and plastic stretchers including break a ways that are most suited for use when injuries occur in places where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. For patients with spinal injuries, pallet boards are used to immobilize and keep the patient perfectly still during transportation. Our gurney stretchers absorb impacts of the frequent rough rides on ambulances ensuring the patient is comfortable at the same time aiding the paramedic.

Fold stretchers are used to transport patients from confined areas, narrow stairwells or airplanes to ambulances. Our evacuation wheelchairs are intuitive. Therefore, they do not require manual user training. It works efficiently with restraint straps to secure patients.

  • Junkin Safety JSA-365 Plastic Backboard. Shop Now! Junkin Safety JSA-365 Plastic Backboard. Shop Now!

    Junkin Safety

    Junkin Safety JSA-365 Plastic Backboard

    Rugged one piece lightweight polyethylene spineboard with twelve large hand holes for easy handling, built in runners, low profile and X-ray translucent.  Features: Comes with 4 straps. Color: Bright Yellow Prouct Specficaitons: Dimensions: 72 in...
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