Why Your Business's AC System Needs a Filter Drier

Why Your Business's AC System Needs a Filter Drier

An essential AC system component that often goes unnoticed is the filter drier. Nearly all central AC systems, including commercial AC systems, have two types of filters: an air filter and a filter drier. Even if you’re familiar with air filters, you might be unfamiliar with filter driers.

What Is a Filter Drier?

A filter drier is a small filtration device that filters the refrigerant in an AC system. Some filter driers are installed in the liquid line, whereas others are installed in the suction line. Refrigerant will flow through the liquid and suction lines.

As it circulates in your AC system, it will pass through the in-line filter drier. The filter drier will clean the refrigerant. Air filters clean the air in AC systems. In comparison, filter driers clean the refrigerant.

Removes Moisture

The primary purpose of the filter drier is to remove moisture. Moisture is considered a contaminant. Your AC system should only have refrigerant flowing through it. If it contains moisture – even small amounts of moisture – your AC system could sustain damage. The filter drier will protect your AC system from damage by removing any trapped or lingering moisture.

Protects Against Corrosion

By removing moisture, the filter drier will protect your AC system from corrosion. Corrosion can occur if moisture becomes trapped inside of your AC system. The lines or coils, for instance, may corrode due to moisture. Moisture will introduce oxygen into your AC system that paves the way for corrosion. As long as your AC system has a working filter drier, though, it will remain dry.

Discourages Acid Buildup

Another reason the filter drier is important is because it discourages acid buildup. Acid can build up inside of your AC system if there’s no filter drier present or if the filter drier has failed. Acid is the result of water molecules mixing with refrigerant. When refrigerant mixes with water molecules, it may create an acid. The filter drier will prevent this from happening by keeping your AC system dry so that only refrigerant flows through it.

Prevents Leaks

The filter drier will help to prevent leaks. AC systems can develop leaks. A leak, of course, will result in the loss of refrigerant. If your AC system has a leak, it will lose refrigerant. The filter drier will lower the risk of leaks by encouraging refrigerant to circulate. Without a filter drier, corrosion or blockages may cause a leak.

Oct 4th 2022

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