Why Bollards Are Essential for the Workplace

Why Bollards Are Essential for the Workplace

Does your workplace have bollards? Consisting of vertical posts, they offer a myriad of benefits. Bollards are used to protect machines, objects, pathways and workers from the impact of a moving vehicle. Moving vehicles, such as forklifts, can cause damage or bodily injury. With bollards, however, workplaces will become safer. To learn more about bollards and why they are essential for the workplace, keep reading.

What Is a Bollard?

A bollard is a vertical post that's used for protection. The term "bollard" originally referred to the posts used on docks. Docks have posts to which captains can secure and anchor their boats. Captains wrap a rope around the post to prevent them from their boats from drifting off. Today, however, the term "bollard" encompasses all types of vertical posts.

Gas stations, for instance, often have bollards around their tanks. The bollards act as a barrier to prevent cars and trucks from driving into the tanks -- something that could otherwise cause a fire or explosion. Bollards are found in many workplaces as well.

Protects Machines From Damage

Bollards are often used to protect machines from damage. Manufacturing companies, as well as other companies, spend a lot of money on commercial-grade machines. If any of these machines are damaged, it may disrupt the company's operations while forcing it to pay a premium for repairs in the process. As a result, companies often use bollards to protect their machines from damage.

Machines can be damaged when struck by a moving vehicle. If forklifts traverse through an area with expensive machines, bollards can be used for protection. The bollards will serve as a barrier to protect the machines from vehicles.

Bollards don't just protect machines; they also protect workers. Workers can sustain serious injury when struck by a moving vehicle. "Struck by," in fact, is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. If workers are behind a series of bollards, however, they'll be protected from moving vehicles.

It's worth noting that bollards are easy to maintain. They are typically painted or coating to protect against corrosion. As a result, bollards can be used outdoors where they'll last for a long time.

Not all workplaces need bollards. Unless a workplace has vehicle traffic, bollards probably aren't necessary. For all other workplaces, though, they can help to create a safer environment for workers while also protecting machines from damage.

Oct 13th 2020

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