What Is a 2-in-1 Hand Truck?

What Is a 2-in-1 Hand Truck?

When shopping for hand trucks to use in your business's workplace, you may come across 2-in-1 hand trucks. They feature a wheeled frame with a handle at the top. You can load boxes or other objects on the bottom of the frame. You can then push the 2-in-1 hand truck to move the boxes or objects by rolling it. Only 2-in-1 hand trucks, though, can be converted.

What Is a 2-in-1 Hand Truck?

A 2-in-1 hand truck is a convertible hand truck. You can use it as a conventional hand truck. In its default form, a 2-in-1 hand truck will stand upright while offering an L frame on which to stack objects. But you can convert it into a dolly. 2-in-1 hand trucks can be operated as a conventional hand truck or a dolly.

Saves Space

You can save space in your business's workplace by choosing 2-in-1 hand trucks. Many businesses use both hand trucks and dollies to move objects. Hand trucks have an L frame while standing upright. Dollies have a flat, low-to-the-ground platform. They are both wheeled, but dollies sit closer to the ground than hand trucks.  Hand trucks and dollies take up a fair amount of space. By choosing 2-in-1 hand trucks, you can save space in your business's workplace.

Saves Money

In addition to saving space in your business's workplace, 2-in-1 hand trucks can save you money. Hand trucks and dollies require a financial investment. Some businesses may have dozens of hand trucks and an equal number of dollies. 2-in-1 hand trucks eliminate the need for both types of material handling carts. Rather than purchasing both hand trucks and dollies for your business's workplace, you can purchase 2-in-1 hand trucks.

Lowers Risk of MSDs

If you regularly experience musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) while working, you may want to invest in 2-in-1 hand trucks for your business's workplace. MSDs are injuries that affect a person's ability to move. They typically involve repetitive strain injuries or overuse injuries, and they can occur with muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

Lifting heavy objects is a risk for MSDs. Manually lifting and moving heavy objects can take a toll on your back. It may stress the muscles or tendons in your back, thus placing you at risk for an MSD. With 2-in-1 hand trucks, however, you can move heavy objects more easily. You won't have to manually lift them. You can stack the objects on a 2-in-1 hand truck, after which you can roll them.

Dec 6th 2022

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