What Are the Health Benefits of Fish Oil?

What Are the Health Benefits of Fish Oil?

How many servings of fish do you consume in a typical week? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults should strive for two to three servings of fish per week. Not only is it an excellent source of protein; fish also contains essential oil. Known as fish oil, it offers several noteworthy health benefits.

Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Fish oil has been shown to protect against high blood pressure. if you suffer from hypertension or prehypertension, you should consider adding more fish to your diet. Fish oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids -- omega-3 fatty acids -- that keep blood pressure levels in check.

Lower Triglyceride Levels

In addition to lowering your blood pressure levels, fish oil may lower your triglyceride levels. Triglycerides consist of esters that are derived from glycerol. Jargon aside, high triglyceride levels are correlated with an increased risk of heart disease. You can protect and preserve your heart health by consuming more fish.

Less Inflammation

Another health benefit of fish oil is less inflammation. As previously mentioned, fish oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids. While saturated fatty acids have a pro-inflammatory effect, unsaturated fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect: They suppress inflammation. If you suffer from chronic bodily inflammation, fish oil may offer a solution.

Healthier Heart

For a healthier heart, look no further than fish oil. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Research shows that over 600,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. But there are ways to lower your risk of heart disease. Exercising on a regular basis will strengthen your heart, and consuming more fish will also lower your risk of heart disease.

Healthier Skin

Studies have shown that fish oil promotes healthier skin. Skin conditions are often attributed to inflammation. With fish oil, you can keep your body's inflammation in check so that it doesn't cause unwanted skin conditions.

Prevents Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain, fish oil may help. Joint pain is often the result of inflammation. As your joints begin to swell, you'll feel the bones moving against each other. Fish oil, of course, has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. It can protect your joints from inflammation that would otherwise cause joint pain and limited mobility.

Fish oil offers a myriad of health benefits. It can lower blood pressure levels, lower trigluycericde levels, protect against inflammation, promote a healthier heart, a healthier skin, prevent joint pain and more.

May 24th 2023

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