The Dangers of Dead Trees

The Dangers of Dead Trees

Is there a dead tree in your landscape? Trees don't live indefinitely. While some of them can, in fact, live for hundreds of years, they may experience a premature death due to disease or injury.

As a tree begins to die, its color will change. Most trees have dark-colored bark and branches. Dead trees, on the other have, have a whiter and more bleach color. If there's a dead tree in your landscape, you should consider removing it for the following reasons.

Fallen Limbs

Limbs are more likely to fall from dead trees than healthy living trees. Trees achieve their structural integrity from moisture. When living, trees will absorb moisture from the ground that makes them strong. Dead trees, unfortunately, aren't able to absorb moisture. As a result, they are weaker than their living counterparts.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 100 people in the United States die from a fallen limb each year. Fallen tree lamps are more common with dead trees than living trees. Dead trees are drier, so they lack the structural integrity of living trees.

Attract Pests

Dead trees attract pests. Termites, for instance, are drawn to dead trees. Most species of termites don't eat living wood. Rather, they only eat rotted or dead wood. If you have a dead tree in your landscape, it may attract termites.

Assuming the dead tree is near your home, it may serve as a bridge that allows termites to enter your home. Termites will be drawn to the dead tree, and after devouring it, they'll move on to the next closest structure: your home.

Downed Power Lines

Another possible danger of dead trees is downed power lines. If a dead tree falls, it may take down nearby power lines. Even a fallen limb from a dead tree, in fact, can topple over power lines.

Downed power lines can create problems of their own. Losing power during the winter, for example, can lead to dangerously low temperatures for you and your family. You'll have to rely on some other form of heating -- as opposed to your furnace -- to stay warm until the power lines are restored.

Don't let dead trees go unnoticed. As revealed here, they can cause fallen limbs, downed power lines, and they can attract pests. Whether the dead tree is in front of your home or place of business, you should get it removed.

Jan 19th 2022

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