Maximize Your Work-From-Home Productivity By Eliminating Distractions

Maximize Your Work-From-Home Productivity By Eliminating Distractions

Do you work from home? Whether you perform some or all of your work from home, you'll probably encounter distractions. Working from home gives you the freedom to choose your own hours, but it comes at the cost of distractions. Allowing these distractions to go unnoticed may then affect your productivity. You can stay productive, however, by eliminating distractions.

Stay Off Social Media

Unless it's part of your job, you should stay off social media when working from home. According to Statista, social media is the leading distraction among telecommuting workers in the United States. Researchers found that over six in 10 telecommuting workers say they are distracted by social media. To increase your work-from-home productivity, avoid using social media until you are finished for the workday.


While most work-from-home jobs do, in fact, require the use of email, you should be conscious of how much time you spend checking your inbox. A study published by Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that the average worker checks his or her email 15 times per day. Assuming you spend just three minutes viewing messages in your inbox each time, that's a total of 45 minutes. You can still check your email when working from home; just remember to avoid spending too much time on this otherwise common task.


Turning off the television can improve your work-from-home productivity. Televisions are a distraction. Even if it's simply playing background -- meaning you aren't directly watching it -- it will distract you away from your job-related tasks. When you clock in for the day, turn off all televisions in and around your workspace.

Family Members

Family members, as well as other individuals with whom you live, can be a distraction. If they talk loudly, they may distract you from working, thereby lowering your work-from-home productivity. The good news is that you can block them out by closing the door to your workspace. If you work in a home office, close the door until you are finished for the workday.

Text Messages

Finally, text messages can be a distraction when working from home. The same Statista report cited above found that over half of all telecommuting employees say they are distracted by their smartphones, with text messages being an underlying cause. Don't let text messages hinder your productivity. Wait until you are finished for the workday to begin texting for personal reasons.

Nov 26th 2020

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