How to Protect Your Business's Computers and Devices From Power Surges

How to Protect Your Business's Computers and Devices From Power Surges

A power surge can wreak havoc on your business's information technology (IT) infrastructure. Any computers, routers, printers and other connected devices will receive an excessively high amount of electricity. This brief but high electrical spike can essentially fry their internal components, rendering them useless. While you can't always prevent power surges from occurring, though, there are steps you can take to safeguard your business's computers and devices from damage.

Don't Overload Circuits

Overloading circuits may lead to a power surge. Commercial buildings, as well as residential homes, are built with circuits that are designed to accommodate a maximum amount of electricity. If you overload a circuit with too many computers or devices, the circuit will draw an excessive amount of electricity, thereby increasing the risk of a power surge. To prevent you from this happening, you must avoid overloading circuits with too many computers and devices.

Connect to Surge Protectors

You can use surge protectors to protect your business's computers and devices from power surges. Not to be confused with a power strip, a surge protector is an electrical accessory that's designed to limit the amount of electricity passing through it. If there's too much electricity, the surge protector will essentially block the excess charge. As a result, all computers and devices connected to it will remain safe from a potential power surge.

Keep in mind that you may need to replace a surge protector if it's already experienced a power surge. Power surges can damage surge protectors. Once damaged, the surge protector may fail to protect against future power surges. As a result, you'll need to replace it with a new and undamaged surge protector.

Disconnect During Storms

If there's a storm brewing, you should consider disconnecting all of your business's computers or devices. While power surges can occur for other reasons, they typically occur during storms. If lightning strikes near your business's building or office, excess electricity may enter its electrical system to create a power surge. As long as your computers and devices are disconnected, however, they won't be affected by it.

Power surges cause millions of damage in damage to computers and devices each year. As a business owner, these costs can cut into your profits. If a computer or device is damaged, you'll have to spend money to replace it. The good news is that you can protect your business's computers and devices from power surges by following these tips.

Sep 10th 2020

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