How to Prevent Foot Pain When Working on Your Feet

How to Prevent Foot Pain When Working on Your Feet

Does your job require you stand for multiple consecutive hours each workday? Not everyone has the luxury of working in an office. Millions of Americans work labor-intensive jobs that requires them to stand on their feet for long periods at a time. 

When working on your feet, though, you may experience foot pain. It's frustrating when you get home from work after a long day, only to realize that your feet are aching. If this sounds familiar, you should consider the following tips to prevent work-related foot pain.

Wear Thick Socks

You might be surprised to learn that wearing thick socks can help prevent work-related foot pain. If you don't wear socks, or if you wear thin socks, the lack of padding between your feet and shoes may cause irritation. With thick socks -- preferably made of 100% cotton -- you'll be able to work on your feet for a longer period without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit

Of course, you should make sure your shoes fit. If they are too big, your feet may rub against the interior, resulting in painful blisters. If your shoes are too small, your feet will be cramped and squished together, which can also result in pain or discomfort. The bottom line is that you need to make sure your shoes fit, especially if you intend to wear them to work.

Replace Your Shoes When Necessary

Even if your shoes fit, they may cause discomfort if they've reached or exceeded their usable life. No pair of shoes lasts forever. Over time, shoes will degrade while subsequently losing their ability to support your feet. So, when should you replace your work shoes? Although there are exceptions, most shoes last for about 200 to 400 miles. After walking 200 to 400 miles in your shoes, you'll typically need to replace them.

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks to sit while working can help prevent foot pain. The longer you stand on your feet, the greater the risk of the foot pain. Depending on your profession, though, you may have the opportunity to take breaks throughout the day. When given the option, you should use this opportunity to sit down and relax for a few minutes before returning to work.

Don't let foot pain interfere with your ability to work. Take these precautions to prevent foot pain.

Mar 19th 2020

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