How to Prevent Back Pain When Moving Heavy Furniture

How to Prevent Back Pain When Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving furniture is never fun, but it's an inevitable part of life. Maybe you're moving into a new home, or perhaps you're helping a friend or family member move. Regardless, you may find yourself tasked with moving furniture. Heavy furniture, of course, will prove more difficult to move than lightweight furniture. It will expose your body to greater stress while potentially causing you back pain. How do you prevent back pain when moving heavy furniture exactly?

Unload Drawers and Cabinets

Before moving any piece of furniture that contains drawers or cabinets -- chests of drawers, dressers, hutches, etc. -- you should unload them. Go through the drawers and cabinets while removing the contents. Leaving the drawers and cabinets filled will only add to the total weight of the furniture. By unloading them, you'll have an easier time moving the furniture.

Bend Your Legs to Lift

Always lift heavy furniture by bending your legs. Some people make the mistake of bending their back to lift heavy furniture or other objects. The correct way to lift, however, is to bend your legs. Start by bending your legs at your knees until your thighs are about parallel with the floor. Next, grab the furniture with your hands. You can then extend your legs to stand back up. Lifting with your legs will protect your back from unnecessary stress, which could otherwise cause back pain.

Don't Twist Your Back

Never twist your back when moving heavy furniture. Most furniture moving-related injuries occur when lifting. As long as you lift with your legs, you shouldn't sustain an injury. Nonetheless, injuries can occur after you've lifted a piece of furniture. Twisting your back while carrying a piece of furniture, for instance, may result in a back injury. It will stress the muscles or other soft tissues in your body, resulting in back pain. To prevent this from happening, don't twist your back when moving heavy furniture. 

Invest in a Furniture Dolly

Rather than trying to move heavy furniture by hand, you may want to use a furniture dolly. Furniture dollies are carts -- they typically feature four or more wheels -- that are designed for use with furniture. You can place heavy furniture on them, after which you can roll the furniture dolly to the desired area. With a furniture dolly, you won't have to lift and carry heavy furniture. You can move heavy furniture simply by rolling it.

Jun 16th 2022

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