How to Improve Your Thyroid Function

How to Improve Your Thyroid Function

Do you suffer from a thyroid disorder? According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), up to 20 million Americans suffer from some type of thyroid disease, the most common of which include an overactive or underactive thyroid. The thyroid, of course, is a gland that's responsible for producing metabolic hormones. When it doesn't function as intended, it can lead to a wide range of adverse symptoms, such as poor digestive, weak bones, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, weight loss and more.

Drink More Water

Research shows a correlation between dehydration and thyroid function. If you are chronically dehydrated or otherwise don't drink an appropriate amount of water, your thyroid function will slow down, resulting in lower levels of thyroid hormones. For a healthy thyroid, try drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily.

Watch the Simple Carbs

You can consume simple carbs in your diet, but you shouldn't consume too many. Simple carbs consist of single-chain sugars that are quickly and easily digested. While they sound harmless enough, they've been shown to interfere with metabolic processes, including the production of thyroid hormones. Therefore, you should focus on including more complex carbs in your diet and fewer simple carbs.

Increase Zinc Intake

Another tip to improve your thyroid function is to increase your intake of zinc. While not classified as a vitamin, zinc is still an essential mineral that's needed for proper health. It's used to convert the thyroid hormone T4 into the hormone T3. As a result, it plays an essential role in the function of your thyroid. You can increase your intake of zinc by eating more foods such as fish, legumes, nuts, milk, cheese and whole grains.

Don't Skip Meals

If you skip meals, your thyroid function may decline. Numerous studies have shown that people who skip meals on a regular basis are more likely to suffer from thyroid disease than their counterparts who consume three full meals daily.


Along with eating the right foods, exercising can improve your thyroid function. Exercise stimulates your heart rate as well as other bodily processes, some of which affect your metabolism. Unfortunately, millions of Americans spend an insufficient amount of time exercising. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle that involves little or no physical activity, you may succumb to thyroid disorder.

Don't let an overactive or underactive thyroid adversely affect your health. Take control of your thyroid function today by following these tips.

Jan 20th 2020

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