Are Tankless Water Heaters Safer Than Conventional Water Heaters?

Are Tankless Water Heaters Safer Than Conventional Water Heaters?

If you're thinking about upgrading the water heater in your home, you may want to choose a tankless model. All water heaters can create warm water. They are typically installed at or near the water supply line. As water enters your home, it will pass through the water heater. This appliance will create warm water before transferring it to the various shower fixtures and water faucets.

Water heaters, however, can pose a safety hazard. There are instances in which they can explode. As a result, you might be wondering if tankless water heaters are safer than conventional water heaters. 

Yes, Tankless Water Heaters Are Safer

When compared to conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters are absolutely safer than their counterparts. Tankless water heaters are characterized by a tankless design. While conventional water heaters have a tank in which they store the heated water, tankless water heaters do not. And without a tank, there's little or no risk of explosion. Tankless water heaters can't explode like conventional water heaters because they don't have a tank.

How Tankless Waters Operate

Also known as on-demand or demand-type water heaters, tankless water heaters operate by warming the water when it's needed. As water travels through them, tankless water heaters will heat it -- assuming at least one hot water faucet or shower fixture is turned on.

Explosions generally only occur with conventional water heaters. Conventional water heaters have a tank. This tank will remain full of heated water at all times. If the tank becomes rusted or punctured, it may explode due to the pressure within the tank. Therefore, tankless water heaters are absolutely safer than conventional water heaters.

Other Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

In addition to being safer than conventional water heaters, there are other benefits of tankless water heaters. They are more efficient, for instance. They won't warm the water in your home unless you turn on a faucet or shower fixture with the hot water (or use the washing machine). The same can't be said for conventional water heaters. Conventional water heaters will continue to produce warm heater while storing it inside of a tank.

Because they are efficient, tankless water heaters cost less to operate than conventional water heaters. They consume less energy. Energy, of course, costs money in the form of utility bills. You can save money on utility bills by switching from a conventional water heater to a tankless model. Tankless water heaters are safer, consume less energy and cost less to operate.

Sep 20th 2021

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