5 Tips to Stay Physically Active When Working From Home

5 Tips to Stay Physically Active When Working From Home

Working from home offers the freedom of choosing your own hours, but it can take a toll on your health. If you perform most or all of your work at home, you may struggle to stay physically active. And with a more sedentary lifestyle, your risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes will increase. You don't have to necessarily find a job outside your home, but you should consider these tips to stay physically active.

#1) Use a Standing Desk

One way to stay physically active when working from home is to use a standing desk. As its name implies, a standing desk is a type of workstation that requires standing to use. Considering that you burn more calories per hour when standing than you do sitting, a standing desk is a smart investment in your personal health and well-being.

#2) Walk Around During Calls

If you make or receive calls during your workday, consider walking around during these calls. Whether it's a one-minute call or a 30-minute call, walking around allows you to burn calories while increasing blood flow through your body in the process.

#3) Stretch Regularly

Whether you use a traditional desk or a sitting desk, you should stretch regularly when working from home. Stretching helps to loosen the muscle tissue in your body so that it's less vulnerable to injury. And while it probably won't make a big difference on your waistline, stretching will even burn some calories.

#4) Go Walking or Jogging During Breaks

Rather than spending your breaks in the kitchen or living room, go for a walk or jog. You don't have to go on a multi-mile walk or jog. Rather, just go for a short trek around the neighborhood. By spending your breaks walking or jogging, you'll be able to squeeze in valuable exercise when working from home.

#5) Keep Free Weights Nearby

Free weights are the perfect tool for increasing physical activity when working from home. Free weights, of course, are weights that you can freely lift without the need for a machine or gym equipment. Dumbbells are a popular type of free weights. If you keep them near your desk -- or other workstation -- you can use them to perform basic exercises while working from home.

May 15th 2020

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