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5 Tips to Protect Against Dry Skin During the Winter


Millions of Americans suffer from dry skin during the winter. Even if you normally have moist and hydrated skin, the dry air during this time of year can affect your skin. You may wake in the morning to discover that your skin is dry, rough and flaking. And while you can't control the seasons, there are ways to protect your skin from dryness during the winter.

#1) Take Warm, Not Hot, Showers

Turn down the water temperature when taking showers and baths this winter. The water doesn't have to be scalding hot. On the contrary, it should only be warm so that it doesn't contribute to skin dryness. Hot showers and baths will only further dry out your skin by allowing the natural oils and moisture in your skin to evaporate.

#2) Moisturize Daily

The single most important thing you can do to protect against dry skin during the winter is moisturize. Whether you do it in the morning or at night, try to get into the habit of moisturizing your skin with a cream or lotion at least once daily. Doing so will supplement your skin with valuable water and nutrients that can protect it from dryness.

#3) Avoid Alcohol-Based Cleansers and Toners

Stay away from cleansers, toners and other skincare products that contain alcohol as a main ingredient. While effective at treating and preventing acne blemishes, these products will contribute to skin dryness. Some alcohol content shouldn't cause any harm. But if you see alcohol listed as one of the top three ingredients in a skincare product, refrain from using it.

#4) Use a Humidifier

A humidifier is the perfect tool with which to protect your skin from dryness during the winter. Once installed inside your home, it will release a small, controlled amount of moisture vapor into the air. The purpose of a humidifier is, as the name suggests, to increase the indoor humidity level. As it releases moisture vapor, the air becomes more saturated with water. For people suffering from chronic dry skin, this is a huge benefit since low humidity is a common cause of dry skin.

#5) Bundle Up

Wearing more clothes can also protect you from dry skin during the winter. How does this help exactly? Well, when you wear more clothes, there's extra layers of fabrics to help insulate your skin. Therefore, less moisture will evaporate out your skin's pores, resulting in moister skin that's less susceptible to dryness.

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