5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Working in the Office

5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Working in the Office

Do you work in an office? Whether it's a corporate office or a home office, you'll probably be sitting for long periods each day. Prolonged sitting, of course, is a risk factor for back pain. Rather than looking for a new job, however, you should consider the following tips to prevent back pain when working in the office.

#1) Choose a Chair With Lumbar Support

The type of char in which you sit can affect your susceptibility to back pain. Not all office chairs are the same. Some of them have a straight backrest, whereas others have a curved backrest. Only the latter type will offer lumbar support. Lumbar support means that the chair will support the lumbar region -- the lower region -- of your back. Therefore, you should choose a chair with lumbar support.

#2) Take Breaks to Stand

To minimize the risk of back pain, take regular breaks to stand. For every hour that you spend sitting, for example, try to spend five minutes standing. You can even invest in a hybrid desk. Hybrid desks allow you to work while sitting or standing. By standing more frequently, you'll be better protected against back pain.

#3) Adjust Your Posture

Your posture will have a direct impact on your risk of back pain. Sitting requires a certain posture. You should keep both of your feet on the floor, for instance, and you should spread them about shoulder-width apart. You should also hold your torso upright so that you don't slouch over. With the right posture, back pain won't be a concern.

#4) Use the Armrests

Assuming your chair has armrests, you should use them. Most office chairs come equipped with armrests. You can raise the armrests so that they extend to the sides of the chair, or you can lower them. Keeping the armrests raised will allow you to use them. Rather than allowing your arms to hand freely by your sides, you can rest them on the raised armrests. Doing so will alleviate some of the pressure on your spinal column while protecting you from back pain in the process.

#5) Stretch Daily

Don't underestimate the importance of stretching. Stretching at least once a day can help to protect against back pain. It will loosen your muscles by forcing them to flex. In turn, you'll be able to work longer and more comfortably -- all without worrying about back pain.

Oct 14th 2021

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