5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Hand Truck

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Hand Truck

Manually lifting and carrying heavy objects is a common cause of back pain. Even if you lift with your legs, the muscles and soft tissues in your back will be exposed to stress. There are carts, however, that you can use to easily move heavy objects. Hand trucks are L-shaped carts that support heavy objects. You can place one or more objects on the bottom of a hand truck, after which you can roll the hand truck.

#1) Frame Material

When shopping for a hand truck, you should consider the frame material. All hand trucks have a frame. The frame is the main structure, so it will affect the hand truck's overall performance. You can't go wrong with an aluminum frame. Aluminum frames are strong, lightweight and weather resistant.

#2) Noseplate Size

You should consider the size of the noseplate when shopping for a hand truck. The noseplate is the flat piece at the bottom of a hand truck. It's the part of the hand truck on which you'll place objects. The size of the noseplate, of course, will influence the size of the objects that the hand truck supports. With a large noseplate, you'll be able to stack large objects on the hand truck.

#3) Wheel Type

There are different types of wheels for hand trucks. Most hand trucks feature at least two wheels. The wheels may be solid, or they may be filled with air. Air-filled wheels are known as pneumatic wheels. They are more shock absorbent and easier to roll than solid wheels.

#4) Handle Type

You should consider the handle when shopping for a hand truck. To pull or push the hand truck, you'll need to grip the handle. If the handle is awkwardly designed -- or if it's placed in the wrong area -- you may struggle to hold it. Make sure the handle is ergonomically designed. An ergonomic handle will make the hand truck easier to use while simultaneously protecting you from painful musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

#5) Required Assembly

If you're going to order a hand truck online, you should consider the required assembly. Some online retailers ship their hand trucks in packaged parts that require assembly. You'll have to build the hand trucks by securing the parts with the included fasteners. Fortunately, there are hand trucks available for sale online that don't require assembly. They'll come fully assembled and ready for use.

Aug 11th 2022

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