5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Ladder

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Ladder

Are you looking to buy a new ladder? If so, you'll need to choose the right type. A ladder offers an easy way to access objects and areas at tall heights that would otherwise not be possible. There are many different types of ladders, however. Below are five important things to consider when choosing a ladder.

#1) Material

Not all ladders are made of the same material. Some of them are made entirely of wood, whereas others are made of metal. Metal ladders, not surprisingly, are typically preferred because of their superior strength and durability. They won't rot or otherwise decay. Whether it's made of aluminum or fiberglass or stainless steel, a metal ladder will withstand the hands of time while providing a high level of safety in the process.

#2) Height

You should consider the height when choosing a ladder. If it's too short, you may struggle to reach tall objects or areas. The ladder must offer a height that's at least as tall as the object or area you are trying to reach. If you're planning to use it to access your roof, for instance, measure the distance from the ground to the roof. You can then find a ladder that's at least this tall.

#3) Load Capacity

Don't forget to check the load capacity when shopping for a ladder. Some ladders are rated to support heavier loads than others. At the low end, a ladder may have a load capacity of 150 to 200 pounds. Commercial-grade ladders, on the other hand, often have a load capacity of over 300 pounds.

#4) Weight

How much does the ladder weigh? Weight isn't the same as load capacity. Load capacity refers to the total amount of weight that a ladder is rated to support. The weight of a ladder, conversely, is simply how much it weighs. If a ladder is heavy, you may struggle to carry and move it. Most workers don't leave their ladders in any single place. Rather, they move them to different places. You'll need a lightweight ladder if you intend to move it.

#5) Price

You'll probably want to consider the price when choosing a ladder. Like with most products, the price of a ladder can vary. Some of them cost as little as $50. Keep in mind, though, that inexpensive ladders are often made of cheap materials -- and they tend to have a lower load capacity than their premium counterparts.

Dec 2nd 2020

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