5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Treadmill

5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Treadmill

Treadmills offer an easy and convenient way to perform aerobic exercise. Rather than going outside to run or jog, you can do it indoors on a treadmill. Using a treadmill for just 150 minutes per week can have a positive impact on your cardiovascular system. It will burn calories and fat while building muscle mass in the process -- all while lowering your risk of heart disease. To protect against injury, however, you should consider the five following safety tips when using a treadmill.

#1) Wear the Right Shoes

Don't underestimate the importance of wearing the right shoes when using a treadmill. Wearing shoes with worn or missing tread will inevitably place you at risk for injuries. Without sufficient tread on the bottom of your shoes, you may slip. Slipping, of course, can lead to falling, in which case you may sustain an injury. To stay safe, choose high-quality running shoes with proper tread.

#2) Avoid Loose-Fitted Clothing

You should avoid wearing loose-fitted clothing when using a treadmill. Loose-fitted clothing can catch or cling to certain parts of your treadmill. The bottom of your pants, for example, could get stuck inside your treadmill. Alternatively, the sleeves of your shirt may catch the upper part of your treadmill. You can avoid these problems by wearing athletic clothing that fits relatively snug or tight.

#3) Look Forward

Always look forward when using a treadmill. Some people have a tendency to look at the ground when using a treadmill. They assume that by looking at the ground, they'll be less likely to trip and fall. Like when running outdoors, though, you should always look forward when using a treadmill. Looking forward will allow you to maintain your balance more easily so that you don't accidentally fall.

#4) Wear the Safety Key

Assuming your treadmill has one, you should wear the safety key. The safety key is designed to automatically turn off your treadmill it becomes disconnected. If you happen to fall while wearing the safety key, for instance, it will become disconnected, in which case your treadmill will stop running.

#5) Watch the Speed

Finally, watch the speed when using a treadmill. While there are dozens of types of treadmills, nearly all of them have multiple speed settings. Choosing a fast speed will force you to run faster. But the problem with a fast speed is that it may contribute to an injury.

May 2nd 2021

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