5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Log Splitter

5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Log Splitter

Log splitters offer a convenient alternative to manually chopping wood. Rather than chopping wood with an axe, you can run it through a wood splitter. The log splitter will automatically cut and split whole wood logs. Maybe you're trying to clear out a wooded property, or perhaps you're trying to stock up on firewood for the winter. Regardless, there's no easier way to cut and split whole wood logs than by using a log splitter. With that said, there are five essential safety tips you should follow when using a log splitter.

#1) Avoid Loose-Fitted Clothing

Avoid wearing loose-fitted clothing when using a log splitter. Instead, choose clothes that fit snug against your body. The problem with loose-fitted clothing is that they may get caught in the log splitter. Log splitters have teeth that "grab" the wood logs. If a piece of clothing gets caught in these teeth, it may pull your body towards the blades while potentially causing a serious injury.

#2) Lock the Wheels

Assuming your log splitter has wheels -- which most of them do -- you should lock the wheels in place. Wheels are added to the bottom of log splitters for mobility purposes. With wheels, you can roll your log splitter to different areas, thereby eliminating the need for hauling whole wood logs from a wooded area to your log splitter. Before using your log splitter, however, you should lock the wheels. Unless the wheels are locked, your log splitter may roll during use.

#3) Keep It Oiled

You'll need to keep your log splitter oiled. Most electric log splitters rely on hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil will lubricate its internal parts to ensure that the log splitter operates smoothly and as intended. Over time, leaks can occur that result in the loss of hydraulic oil. Avoid using your log splitter if it's low on hydraulic oil. Top it off with the correct amount so that it can operate smoothly.

#4) Place on Level Ground

Another safety tip to follow when using a log splitter is to place it on level ground. Log splitters are designed for outdoor use. You can even use them in the rain. Whether it's sunny or raining, though, you should place your log splitter on level ground. Log splitters can fall over when used on sloped or angled ground. They'll vibrate as they cut and split the whole wood logs, which may result in them falling over. Placing your log splitter on level ground will stabilize it so that it doesn't fall over.

#5) One Log at a Time

Never attempt to split multiple logs at once. Log splitters aren't designed to split multiple logs simultaneously. Whether you have an electric or gas model, you should only use it to split a single log at a time.

Nov 29th 2021

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