5 Mistakes to Avoid When Lifting Objects

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Lifting Objects

Improper lifting is a key risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). When lifting heavy objects in the workplace, you'll need to use the right approach. Otherwise, you could sustain an MSD-related injury. Unfortunately, many workers use the wrong approach when lifting heavy objects. Below are five of the most common lifting mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

#1) Grabbing Near the Top

Some workers lift objects by grabbing them at or near the top. Whether it's a product, a crate, a box or any other object, you'll have an easier time lifting it by gripping the object near the bottom. Gripping an object near the top means that arms -- specifically your forearms -- will be exposed to greater stress. Gripping it near the bottom, conversely, will minimize stress on your arms.

#2) Using Your Bare Hands

Don't make the mistake of lifting heavy objects with your bare hands. Instead, wear gloves. Lifting objects with your bare hands comes with an increased risk of injury. If the object is made of wood, it may splinter. Alternatively, metal objects could have jagged sections that cause lacerations. You can protect your hands from injuries such as these by wearing gloves.

#3) Bending Back

Perhaps the most common mistake workers make when lifting heavy objects is bending their back. In other words, they arch their back while bending over to lift objects. Of course, the wrong way to lift heavy objects. Bending your back can cause sprains and strains within your spinal column. The proper way to lift heavy objects is to bend your legs so that you can lower yourself to an appropriate level without bending your back.

#4) Not Seeking Help

Some objects may prove too heavy for you to safely lift. In cases such as this, you should seek assistance. Attempting to lift a particularly heavy object is never a good idea. Doing so may cause an overexertion injury that takes days or even weeks to recover from.

#5) Wearing the Wrong Footwear

Finally, wearing the wrong footwear is a common mistake that workers make when lifting objects. Avoid wearing tennis shoes, athletic shoes and open-toe footwear. Instead, choose a stronger and more durable type of footwear, such as steel-toe boots. Steel-toe boots have a plate of steel inside the toes. Therefore, they'll protect your feet from injury if you happen to drop a heavy object on them.

May 18th 2021

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